Training Camp Roster Released

Hockey season is right around the corner and the Ramblers have released their roster for training camp this year.

26 players will be attending camp, including 9 players from last years roster.

Three goalies will be in camp Mitchell Dudar, Jacob LeBlanc and Oliver Dellaire. Eight defenseman, Jeremiah Martin, Matthew Hunter, Cole Gosse, Conrad Allen,  Riley Dubios, Kieran Rennie, Cole Sellers, and Naoh Sutherland, along with 15 forwards, Alexis Dube, Jake Alton, Burke Beed, Owen Cole Drew MacIntyre, Jack Connors, Brandon Cormier, Marc-Antione Ducharme, Dylan Hogan, Matthew McHatten, Christan Reardon, Tristan Sanchez, Alex Savoie, Alex Siletsky, and Gavin Watt