Ramblers have 25 remaining in Training Camp

The Amherst CIBC Wood Gundy Ramblers announce the remaining players in training camp.
Amherst has three goalies still in camp. Zack LeBlanc (18), Joshua Ward (19) and Tyler Caseley (20).
On defence, Amherst has ten left in camp. Matheas Elles (16 ), Matthew Hunter (17), Joachim Matulu (17), Michael Sack (17), Jayden Matheson (17), Brock Bartholomew (19), Malcome Genge (19), Matthew Helpard (19), Drew Cornick (20), and Alex Wynter (20).
Twelve players remain up font. Max Boudreau (20), Stephen Fox (20), Jason Gallant (20), Liam Smith (20), Julien Hebert (19), Ben Williams (19), Aiden MacIntosh (19), Miguel Poirier (19), Mark Richard (19), Owen Cole (18), Chase Ellis (18), and Chris Lewis (18).
The Ramblers next preseason game goes Friday, October 9th at the Amherst Stadium, 7:00pm. Unfortunately this pre season game will be played without fans. Players parents and team staff only.