Ramblers Acquire Bourque

The Amherst Ramblers trades a 4th round pick in 2022 and futures, to the Edmundston Blizzard for 19-year-old Defenseman Nick Bourque.
Ramblers general manager, Jeff LeBlanc says he has been keeping an eye on Bourque since he played Midget hockey.
“Nick is a player we’ve watched for quite some time. He captained the Midget Major team in Moncton so it tells you what type of character he has. He knows a lot of players on our team already so the transition into our locker room should be quick.”
Bourque, a native of Moncton, NB says he’s looking to bring another solid defensive game but won’t be afraid to put a puck in the net as well.
“I’ll bring my game in the defensive zone, and I’ll try and contribute in the offensive zone if I get the chance to, but we’ll start simple and go from there.”
Bourque, Captained the Moncton Flyers in his last season before moving to Edmundston, and he says that last season helped him improve his game.
“It was my physical game, and a bit speed, and as the season went on I found my confidence when up, and that really helped improve my game.”